Saturday, June 16, 2007

To return or not to return...

I miss this little bloggy, my little space in the wild web, but am I really able to spew nonsense out once again for the entire world to see? (Well, not the entire world, just those poor random folks that stumble open this place by accident.) But really, am I ready for that again, to put my thoughts out there for others to see, to judge, to agree or disagree with? I look at my life now and realize that I've become a VERY private person in my old age. OR! *gasp* maybe I'm just really dull now and have nothing really to share? Dullness aside, when did this fear to open myself up begin? Is it just something that comes with age, in that the things I fret about now are far more serious and personal than the subjects my post were about years ago? Or is it the fear that someone whom I present one image of myself to will discover the person they know is all a ruse? Or is it just that I've realized no one wants to hear/read my drivel?

Well, for now little bloggy and random people, I shall go consider these questions while I watch QVC and spend my rent money on handbags and Bare Escentuals.


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