Monday, September 01, 2008

But i'm still here, And small, So small.. how could this struggle seem so big?

It's been well over a year since I wrote on this thing, so odd to think I once filled it with wordies on a daily basis. Now I struggle to write anything at all, and battle with my mind censoring my heart. I've started a very new, very different chapter in my life. The last chapter took about 7 years to complete, the one before that was a good 4 wonderful years. I wonder how long this new one shall play out?

But I'm at a good age now and at a good place. I feel calmer nowadays. I guess that really is something you grow into and takes a few decades to fully appreciate. I guess age also teaches you what you should value and hold dear in life, as well as the importance of trust and loyalty. I'm not afraid of trusting people any longer, nor do I pull my trust away from everyone when it is betrayed by just one. Everything is just part of the process, you learn from it, you move onwards and upwards.


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